Getting to Know the Different Types of Knives

Knives are simply the oldest tools invented by human. Although tradition knives are made by stones, the principle behind its purpose remains the same as today.

Now, knives are made by metal. Some are sophisticated which are composed of different alloys to achieve strength, durability, and superior sharpness.

Knives are primarily hand-held utility equipment. They are tools that can be used to perform certain functions. As such, there are different kinds of knives that can be utilized for various purposes. Here is a basic survey of the various types of knives known in modern times.

All Purpose and General Use Knives


The most popular all purpose knife is the retractable or switchblade type. As the name implies, the blade retracts into the handle so you can store it safely when not in use.

It can be utilized for any cutting job. Normally, all purpose knives would have a 3 to 4 inches long blade. The handle could be made from any material depending on the manufacturer, but the most common are laminated plastic. Some handle designs also include a die-cast metal lining.

Another type of all purpose knives are the fixed blade varieties. These knives have more stable edges. Typically, screws are used to hold the blade firmly in place and are attached to the handle.

These knives normally have longer blades also. Handle designs would be very similar to switch or retractable blade knives. Most designer knives will fall into this category.

Cooking or Kitchen Knives


Cooking or Kitchen knives are also utility knives but they are specifically designed for the kitchen. There are many sub-types of cooking knives such as boning, fillet, chefs, cleaver, bread, and ham slicer. There are other small knives that can be used for the kitchen, but these are the most commonly used varieties.

The blades of cooking knives are sometimes pliable and longer. They are not as vigorous and sturdy as utility knives. The blades of kitchen knives are thinner to easily slice meat and other foodstuff.

Kitchen knives have the drawback that they tend to lose the edge rapidly, this is due to the fact that they’re used almost everyday while preparing the meals. One common way¬† to get the edge back to the knives is by using an electric knife sharpener (3-5 minutes of work is enough). Already have one in your kitchen? There will always be a better electric knife sharpener you can pick. Price is around $25 for an entry level machine, and for a professional one, it’s around $150.

Precision Cutting Knives
Precision cutting knives or commonly known as thin razor knives have very small blades and very thin handles. In fact, some models are only pencil-sized with half inch thin blades.

Precision knives are ideal for cutting paper and thin cardboard. These knives are commonly used as tools for handicrafts and other highly specialized cutting jobs.


Camping or Combat Knives


These knives are bigger and composed of a very strong metal alloy. Although they are utility knives also, they are more suitable for cutting very tough objects. These are commonly issued to military personnel as a general purpose tool and additional weaponry.

Because combat knives have larger and longer blades with heavy handles, it would be very difficult to use them for cutting small objects. Designer camping knives have sheaths made from leather.

Knives are already part of your daily life. They can be used for different purposes. It is best to understand the different types of knives to know what type would be more useful for you.